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Doctor Donato Alberto Manniello has a degree in Osteopathy from the LUDES University in Lugano, Switzerland. His philosophy to treat patients holistically leads to a strong interest of different Alternative Medicines and he has decided to practice them exhaustively. Dr. Manniello has been researching diet and nutrition for the last 20 years, experimenting and analyzing different nutrition methods.

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With a degree in Physical Therapy (Belgium), Dr. Manniello specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paris. He has a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, is an Expert in Health Habits (as a Health Coach), from the Official Professional Medical Association of the province of Malaga, and has an expert level diploma in Homeopathy from the Miguel de Cervantes University in Valladolid (Spain). He is also a member of Slow Food International.

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As an university researcher, he made a protocol of his own method four years ago and has decided to publish it in his book: “Take me with you and I will change your life”. He has recently developed with his team a mobile app available in 5 languages to make everyone accessible his method’s knowledge. Dr. Manniello speaks seven languages and gives courses and conferences in different parts of the world, sharing his knowledge with great passion.

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1987 - 1990

- 1987 Diploma in Physiotherapy at Institut Paramédical de Libramont (Belgium)
- 1987 Public Diploma in Physiotherpy in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
- 1987 Diploma in Bindegewebsthérapie (Connective Tissue Massage) at Institut E. Dicke in Brussels (Belgium)
- 1988 Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage after Vodder - Liège (Belgium)
- 1989 Delegate for courses of the E. Dicke method at l'Institut E. Dicke International
- 1990 Diploma in Acupuncture, Phytotherapy and Qi Gong at the Institute for Traditional Medicine in HO CHI MINH VILLE (Vietnam)
- 1990 Diploma in Acupuncture at the National Institute for Traditional Acupuncture in Hanoi (Vietnam)

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1991 - 1999

- 1991 Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine at EAT - Paris (France)
- 1991 Public Diploma of France in Traditional Acupuncture in Paris (France)
- 1992 Diploma in Visceral Osteopathy at ARTH Paris (France)
- 1993 Diploma in General Osteopathy at ARTH Paris (France)
- 1993 Course in Ethnomedicine and Phyto-Aromatherapy at the Faculté de Médecines Naturelles, Paris (France)
- 1998 Diploma in Cranial Osteopathy in Paris (France)

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2000 - 2009

- 2002 PhD in Osteopathy. Université LUDES in Lugano (Switzerland)
- 2002 Spanish Diploma in Physiotherapy (homologation of the Belgian diploma)
- 2003 Diploma in Ericksonian Therapeutical Hypnosis - Tournai (Belgium )
- 2003 Education in Conflict Management with Breaf Systemic Therapy - Palo Alto - Brussels (Belgium)
- 2002 / 2003 Inscription for Investigation in Neuro Physiopathology in Osteopathy at the University of Genova ( Italy ) and at the University of LUDES in Lugano ( Switzerland)
- 2005 Diploma in Relaxation Techniques, Psycho-Physics at Royal Technology International Institute – Alicante (Spain)
- 2005 Education in Mediterranean Diet in ORTEMECA ( Alicante ) Technical Organization in Scientific Ancestral Medicine
- 2005 Diploma in Architecture FENG SHUI in ORTEMECA (Alicante)
- 2006 Education in Nutritherapy and Dietetic. ORTEMECA ( Alicante )
- 2006 Master in Ayurvedic Medicine – International University of Technology ( Alicante)
- 2007 PhD in University Investigation at the University of LUDES in Lugano (Switzerland)
- 2009 Education in Equine and canine Osteopathy - Equi-Libre Institute-Spain

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2010 - Present

- 2010 Diploma in Medical Mesotherapy- School ACENA Malaga-Spain
- 2010 Education in Food Intolerance and Intestinal Health-Centro Inmunológico de Cataluña-Barcelona-Spain
- 2011 Diploma in Healthy Habits Expert-Health Coach -Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de la Provincia de Málaga
- 2012 Diploma in Universitary Expert in Homeopathy. Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. Valladolid (España)
- 2013 Author of the book “Take me with you and I will change your life” Ed.
- 2013 Diplôme National Supérieur de Médecine Acupuncturale. Conseil Supérieur National de l’Acupuncture Traditionnelle. Paris
- 2014 MBA diploma – Ceupe School- Madrid-Spain
- 2016 Diploma in ability and directive competences development for staff and sanitary teams.
- Ongoing academic pursuit

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