Traditional Chinese Medicine


In the beginning, the Universe was in a “Wu Chi” state (which means “empty”). Like an egg filled with an “ocean of air”, it began to move and change continuously; this movement created water (Theory of Five Elements). Water created wood and wood created fire. The fire heated up and expanded that “ocean of air”, (the egg), and it came to a great explosion (“the Big-Bang”).

From this explosion, the lightest and clearest particles ascended to the sky: Yang. And the darkest and heaviest were falling on the Earth: Yin. Between Heaven and Earth there is Man and Nature which defines the principle of Yin-Yang within the concept of the Trigram: Earth-Man-Heaven.

“When the Chi ascends from the Earth, clouds are generated; when the Chi descends from the sky, rain is generated”.

Like day and night, warmth and cold, movement and calm. “The movement and the changes of the Yin – Yang cause evolution and change things.” This is how the interdependency between opposite and complementary arose which is explained in “The Manifestation of Yin and Yang” of the Su Wen. The Universe is expanding; the force which dynamizes the most basic structure of the Universe is called “Chi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is also simply known as Chinese Medicine or Traditional Oriental Medicine, it is the name which is most commonly given to a range of traditional medical practices developed in China through thousands of years of cultural evolution.

This medicine is based on the concept of a balanced “Chi” (or vital energy) flowing through our body. The “Chi” regulates the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy. The “Chi” is transformed into matter but its essence stays invisible. What we see is merely its expression in the macro cosmos, the Universe, and in the micro cosmos, our body.

“The life of mankind is a result of the concentration of energy. When this energy concentrates it results in life, when it disappears it results in death.”

The concept of “Yin-Yang”, theory of the Five Elements, the Zang-Fu (organs), the essence, “Chi”, blood (Xue), body fluids, meridians, aetiology, pathogenesis, systems of diagnosis, rules of prevention and treatment, are all fundamental pillars of our health and a long life.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, illness occurs when the flow of the “Chi” changes and an imbalance of the Yin-Yang is produced. The components of this type of medicine include herbal therapies and nutrition, physical exercise which restore health, meditation, acupuncture, repairing massages which can restore health.