Nutritherapy or Orthomolecular Medicine


Nutritherapy consists of maintaining and restoring the cellular balance, starting with the so called essential elements (i.e. those which our organism can’t synthesize): vitamins, oligoelements, certain aminoacids and polyunsaturated fat acids.

The therapy focus lies in balancing nutrition. Sometimes, aliments are completed with one, or more, of the 4 different essential elements.

Nutritherapy is actually a basic medicine.

The following elements establish Nutritherapy:

- Vitamins

- Oligoelements

- Aminoacids

- Polyunsaturated fat acids

At the beginning of the 20th Century we became aware of the existence of molecules in our body which are indispensable for life. The absence of one causes severe pathological disorders and can lead to death, if lacked completely.

The way of “returning to nature” was introduces by two elements:

The development of yatrogenical diseases, i.e. illnesses caused by medication and, for a smaller part of society, an uncontrolled fear of consumerism and disorders from bad nutrition.