Homeopathy (homeo = similar, pathos = disease) is a therapeutic method in which the patient is given an ultra-diluted or infinitesimal dose of a substance (of vegetarian, mineral or animal origin), that, if administered to a healthy person in high doses, would provoke symptoms similar to those of the patient.

Although this technique was being used since the times of Hippocrates, it was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who, in 1808, finalized the preparations and showed a way how to administer these drugs in order to activate our body's own defence system and gently obtain an improvement of our health or cure a disease.

Applying the principle of similarity (as it was formulated by Hippocrates), Homeopathy uses the therapeutic effects of substances by reducing their toxicity, using a very small dose, up to a level which is called "infinitesimal."


Homeopathy defines the power of its remedies by the number of dilutions: the more dilute they are, the more powerful they are. The dilution process is called empowerment. Power is defined as a number, the higher the number, the higher is the dilution. 30 ×, for example, is more diluted (and therefore, according to Homeopathy, it is more powerful) than 10 ×. This contrasts with conventional medicine and biochemistry, as they both say the more active ingredient that is present in a drug, the greater of effect will be achieved (positive or negative).

Some proponents of Homeopathy believe that lesser dilutions have a more physiological effect, and higher dilutions have a stronger effect on the mental or on the emotional level.


Homeopathy is a useful and effective therapeutic tool in the treatment of all illnesses, acute and chronic: sometimes they can be cured, sometimes there is significant improvement or at the very least, alleviation.

1) Proven to be totally effective, over millions of treatments.

2) Natural substances.

3) Drugs without “pharmacological aggressiveness”, meaning they have no side effects or contraindications.

4) Suitable for all types of patients: pregnant women, infants, children, elder people and diabetics.