Equine and Canine Therapy


For millennia, horses and dogs were an intrinsic part of the life of humans as work animals and for companionship.

These animals are also subject to a lot of factors (alimentation, trauma, emotions, barometrics, etc) that makes their organisms be required to adapt sometimes causing mechanical, energy, functional, and emotional disorders.

The traditional Chinese medicine, with acupuncture gives us the opportunity to balance the energy of these animals facilitating better management of organ and muscular functions.

The equine and canine osteopathy offers an unique non-invasive therapy that seeks to relieve the mechanical dysfunction. It does not pretend in any way to replace traditional veterinary care or be the only diagnostic method in animals. This animal osteopathy seeks to normalize restriction and improve mobility of the spine and joints.

Reiki is also an important therapeutic tool to work on the animals Chakras allowing the rebalancing of the various functions of the organism and relieve pain.