Brief Systemic Therapy


Brief systemic therapy started in the 1970’s in Palo Alto (California).

Brief Systemic Therapy describes “the paradoxical nature of repetitive problems”.

Brief Systemic Therapy is a group of procedures and techniques that aim to help consultants (individuals, couples, families or groups) to mobilize their resources to reach their objectives in as little time as possible. It has a constructivist focus that centers on the interpersonal context of problems and their solutions, promoting active collaboration among its users.

From a historical perspective, Brief Systemic Therapy is situated between two great traditions: on one hand, the systemic tradition of analyzing phenomena in their relational context, integrating the approaches of Cybernetics, the Systems Theory or the Pragmatics of Human Communication; on the other hand, the tradition of brief therapy inspired by Milton Erickson, with his pragmatic proposal to use patient’s own resources to cause change.