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Here you can find answer to common questions
regarding our method, the app and how it works.
If you have any other queries,
we will be happy to resolve them.

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The Manniello

Through a correct combination of foods in your diet, you can avoid disorders caused by food fermentation and putrefaction, improving your health.
Following the Manniello Method guidelines you can get rid of physical discomfort and disorder of your daily life. These are some of them: heartburn, swelling of the stomach, intestinal disorders, liquid retention, far accumulation, poor sleep quality, stress, deficient focus on tasks, hair loss…
After the first week you should be able to notice results: better digestion, some weight loss, more energy, better sleep…
It is your own body who will decide the rhythm of results taking place. You will see that results are fast and will maintain for a long time if you correctly follow the method’s guidelines.
You would have to do a food intolerance test. Contact us and we can do this for you using bio resonance. You can test up to 230 foods! But do not worry about this, even if you don’t know to what foods you’re intolerant, the method is still effective for you, since the food combinations that are proposed are always correct.
Absolutely! The Manniello Method has as an objective the rebalance of all the organism functions.
By rebalancing the metabolism is the first thing you will achieve. Moreover, your weight will be stablished and won’t change again if you follow our guidelines.
Results will show you if you’re in the right path. But do not worry, we are here to accompany you in this new lifestyle and we will make sure you’re doing things right. Simply contact us if you have questions.
You can search for it in Amazon using the keywords “Donato Manniello” and you will find it. If you want a PDF or Ebook format of it, you can download it from our web. The book is available in 5 languages
Click on the “Clinic” tab in our web and contact us through the email we facilitate there.
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Simply refer to any of the platforms we have the app: App store and Play Store. Click on the download button and it will automatically install in your device. If you would like to use our app through our web page, simply click the "Web App" button located at the index page and follow the steps indicated.
We have prepared a video to show you step by step how to use our app. Click here
You have two options:
1)- You can create an account from our app by clicking at “Menu” and then on “Create Account”
2)- You can create an account through our web page by clicking “WEB APP” on the index page and following the steps indicated.
We have prepared a video to show you step by step how to use our app. Click here
Simply click on “Menu” and then click on “Healthy Menu”. If you can’t access your healthy menu it could be because you don’t have an active subscription, make sure you have made the payment!
It is 4,99€ a month. This includes the creation of 5 personalized menus of 7 days each, automatic shopping list generation and recommendations to cook and combine food… Moreover, we guarantee that part of this payment will be destined to the creation of free events that offer education on a healthy diet for everyone.
You can pay using Paypal or any credit/debit card.
Log into your account, click on “Menu”, then click on “My subscription”. Here you will find a button to unsubscribe. Click on it and that’s it! You have successfully unsubscribed.
No charges will apply from the moment you unsubscribe.
Click on “Menú” then click on “Shopping list”.